K. Onishi & Co., Ltd.
K. Onishi & Co., Ltd. has started their business since its antecedents in 1916 to promote the sales of various textile machinery manufacturers mainly from UK to international markets.

K. Onishi & Co., Ltd. has developed a worldwide-operating Engineering Company and General Contractor for various textile and industrial projects in adscript fields.

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  • Chemical Fiber Plant (POY, DTY)
  • Spinning Plant (Ring, OE, Cotton, Blended, Wool)
  • Weaving Plant (Shuttle, Rapier, Air/Water Jet)
  • Dyeing and Finishing Plant (Continuous or Batch)
  • Laboratory and Testing
  • Equipments
  • Non Woven Plant (sanitary napkins)
  • Glass Fiber (insulation e-glass)
  • Garmenting or Converting
  • CAD/CAM related equipments
  • Film/Paper related facility
  • Other utility and civil works for textile industry
  • Raw Material and Chemical supply

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